Data is data whether it comes from user experience, in-depth interview, a survey, a photo, text, a website, or a heat map.  Data is not better than us. It’s a reflection of us. It informs us. It prepares us. Making decisions based solely on your gut would be fine if nothing ever changed. Yet, culture constantly evolves. Once you think you’ve got it. It’s over.  Therefore, we have to consistently measure change, let it inform our gut, and build bridges to the future.  I’m a brand strategist by training. I’m building Grounded Strategy to be the type of business partner that bridges UX and brand strategy, creativity and profitability, as well as research and customer delight. Our collaboration will help you get buy-in and set the course of your marketing program with fact-based confidence.  If this seems like a good fit, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Grounded Strategy.

Amber Chenevert, PhD





Amber Chenevert, PhD -Founder, Lead UX & Market Research Strategist